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Dernière mise à jour le 18 janvier 2002

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  • Inde - News

    New Delhi, 18 juin 00

    Affrontement entre castes !

    Trente-quatre personnes de basses castes, en majorité des femmes et des enfants, ont été tuées samedi 17 juin par des hommes des hautes castes, en pénétrant dans un village du Bihar à la nuit tombée. Ces derniers mois ce sont 76 personnes qui ont été massacrées suite à des affrontements entre castes. Le premier ministre indien, Atal Bihari Vajpayee décide d'envoyer des forces militaires au Bihar pour surveiller ces villages du Bihar.
    Article issu du monde international du 20 juin 00

    Delhi, 5th June 00

    La Chine et l'Inde, prête à renouer des relations !

    The President, K R Narayanan's visit to China became the platform for the first Chinese demonstration of willingness to talk friendship since Pokhran II. India and China are ready for a mature relationship after Narayanan's talks with the Chinese leadership last week. President's six-day trip to China was aimed regenerating a warm and friendly atmosphere between the two nations.
    Article issu du quotidien Indian Delhi

    Prise d'otage aux Philippines

    SUVA: Rebels in Fiji rejected a demand by the military to lay down their arms and release 30 politicians held since May 19 and said they would wait as long as it takes to achieve their goals.
    Article issu du quotidien Times of India du 5 juin 00.

    La Net économie s'étend jusqu'à l'Inde - Satyam Infoway takes stake in Cricinfo
    NEW DELHI: India's largest private Internet service provider Satyam Infoway Ltd on Monday announced it had picked up a 25 per cent stake in Cricinfo Ltd and expected revenue of $2.0 million over the next year from the deal.
    Web Exclusive Article issu du Times of India du 5 juin 00.

    Declare Bhindranwale dead, says family

    AMRITSAR: Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale's family wants the myth that he is alive dispelled once and for all and has demanded that he be declared dead on the 16th anniversary of Operation Bluestar on Tuesday, even as tension builds up in the city over functions to be held on the occassion.
    Web Exclusive Article issu du Times of India du 5 juin 00.

    Quake jolts Sumatra; 58 killed

    JAKARTA, Indonesia: A powerful earthquake and dozens of strong aftershocks struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra at night, killing at least 58 people, leaving hundreds injured and thousands homeless, officials said on Monday.
    Article issu du Times of India du 5 juin 00.

    China agrees to speed up work on border issue
    Article issu du Times of India du 5 juin 00

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    Iran - News

    Téhéran - 21 juin 00

    Téhéran. Les femmes ne chantent pas

    Téhéran: Pour la première fois l'Iran célébrait la fête de la musique mercredi 21 juin. Pourtant entoné dans la presque totalité des autres pays,"L'hymne à la joie" de Beethoven qui fait appel à des inteprètes féminines n'a pas été joué. En effet la loi islamique toujours en vigueur interdit aux femmes de chanter en public.
    Article du 22 juin 00

  • Carte de l'Iran

    Myanmar - News

    Birmanie - Femmes girafes!

    Ethnie d'origine mongole forcée de s'exiler, les Kayans sont parqués dans des camps au nord de la Thaïlande. Signes extèrieurs de beauté et de richesse, les femmes peuvent porter jusqu'à 25 anneaux de cuivre pesant entre six et 9 kilos. A l'origine de cette tradition il s'agissait pour les hommes de déformer le cou de leur épouses pour leur éviter d'être enlèvées par des ethnies rivales.
    Article du 15 juin 00.

  • Carte de Birmanie

    Indonesie - News

    Jakarta - 5 juin 2000

    Indonesia Earthquake Kills 58
    JAKARTA, Indonesie (AP) At least 58 people died and 500 were injured in a powerful earthquake that lasted for minutes in the Indonesian island of Sumatra and was followed by hundreds of strong aftershocks today. Widespread panic was reported in Bengkulu, a province of about 1.2 million people near the tremor's epicenter, as rescuers dug through the rubble of ruined buildings in search of bodies and trapped survivors. Ali Muchtar, Bengkulu health department chief, said 58 people were confirmed dead -- a total that was expected to rise. Almost 500 people had been reported injured, 255 seriously. The quake hit at 11:29 p.m. Sunday and was centered beneath the Indian Ocean, about 60 west of Bengkulu city, which has about 250,000 residents. The Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysical Service said the quake measured magnitude 7.3. The U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo., estimated the strength at 7.9. The quake lasted several minutes and shook a wide area. A magnitude 6 aftershock hit 11 minutes afterward, and more than 260 smaller tremors were recorded today. Initial reports said Enggano island, about 125 miles southeast of Bengkulu town, was also badly hit. ''The quake went on for many minutes. Dozens of homes have been destroyed and almost all houses and buildings in the city seem to have been damaged,'' said Bengkulu police Sgt. Hariyono. ''People are terrified every time they feel aftershocks.'' Thousands fled their homes. Witnesses reported widespread panic in Bengkulu and said hospitals were overwhelmed with injured people. Electricity and water supplies had been cut. Many phone lines were down. Navy spokesman Rear Marshall Ontowiryo said two warships carrying food supplies and medical needs had been dispatched to the area. ''Many houses have collapsed and the walls on bigger buildings have been fractured. I helped save three of my neighbors who were trapped under rubble,'' said Edy, a resident who like many Indonesians uses only one name. Doctors in Bengkulu treated the injured in the open, fearing aftershocks might bring down the state hospital, the official Antara news agency reported. Medical supplies were running low. Antara reported that some doctors had been forced to perform minor operations without anesthetics. The city's airport was closed because of damage to its communications equipment and passenger terminal. Some roads to the city had ben blocked by landslides. President Abdurrahman Wahid offered no immediate emergency response, saying instead that his government had to assess the problem. The quake, one of the strongest recorded in Indonesia in recent years, was felt across much of western half of the archipelago nation and the neighboring island state of Singapore. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake's epicenter was about 20{ miles beneath the floor of the Indian Ocean -- very shallow in geological terms. But there were no immediate reports of a tsunami, a massive wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption. In December 1992, a magnitude-7 earthquake caused a tsunami that killed about 2,500 people on the southeastern island of Flores. A magnitude-7 earthquake is capable of causing widespread and heavy damage in urban areas. Indonesia, the world's biggest archipelago nation, sits on major fault lines and is prone to frequent seismic upheavals. Synthese d'un article écrit par GEOFF SPENCER Associated Press Writer

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    Pakistan - News

    Lahore - 5 juin 2000

    Ten killed in Held Kashmir clashes
    JAMMU (AFP) - Three Indian soldiers, three policemen and four Mujahideen were killed in separate clashes Sunday in the disputed Indian-held state of Kashmir, officials said. An Indian army spokesman here said the three soldiers died while attacking a Mujahideen stronghold in the Kashmiri district of Poonch, some 250 kilometres northwest of Jammu. 'The soldiers came under heavy fire after they cordoned off a Mujahideen hideout in heavily-wooded Doaba Gali. 'Three soldiers died on the spot and one sustained bullet injuries,' the spokesman said. 'In the four-hour long gunbattle that followed, soldiers shot dead four Mujahideen and wounded three others,' he said in Jammu. The spokesman also said troops had stepped up a military offensive against Kashmiri fighters in the twin frontier districts of Poonch and Rajouri. In Srinagar, Mujahideen gunned down two policemen at close range at a bus stand in the city's bustling Batmaloo residential district on Sunday, a police spokesman said. In a similar attack in Srinagar's Goni Khan commercial area, they shot at two policemen, fatally injuring one of them, he said. NNI adds: Dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir "is the most likely trigger for war between the two countries" and meaningful progress on the issue is unlikely in the near future, the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) has said. "With New Delhi and Islamabad's respective positions on Kashmir firmly entrenched, meaningful progress on the issue is unlikely in the near term," DIA Director Vice-Admiral Thomas R. Wilson said in a statement for the record of the senate select committee on intelligence. Stating that Kashmir was the reason for major conflict in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999, he said the "tense rivalry" between the two neighbours remained an important security concern. He said both nations continue to invest heavily in defence and the procurement of military equipment. At present, each side possesses sufficient material to assemble a limited number of nuclear weapons, has short-range ballistic missiles, and maintains large standing forces in close proximity across a tense line of control. "With each viewing their security relationship in zero-sum terms, we remain concerned about the potential, particularly over the near term, for one of their military clashes to escalate into a wider conflict," Wilson said. Synthèse d'article du journal Pakistanais - The National- Lahore

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  • Carte du Pakistan

    Chine - News

    Beijing, 5th June 00

    China Bleakly Evaluates Environment
    BEIJING (AP) -- From poisoned rivers to choking cities, China bleakly assessed its environment today but promised to do more to reverse severe degradation. The State Environmental Protection Agency cited persisting environmental deterioration, despite concerted efforts to restrict industrial pollution and reforest hillsides denuded by expanding farming. In an annual survey, the agency said the air in 137 cities -- nearly 40 percent of China's total -- was so foul it exceeded medium-range government targets. Two-thirds of the Yellow River, China's second longest and an artery for grain production in the north, were badly polluted, the report said. Trying to put a positive spin on a torrent of dismal figures, agency director Xie Zhenhua said the amount of major industrial pollutants had been capped. But he acknowledged the quantity was large, causing ''serious pollution problems.'' ''We are still in the primary stage for environmental clean-up efforts,'' Xie said at a news conference. The assessment, delivered on World Earth Day, continued government efforts to raise environmental awareness after decades of abusive, often ill-conceived policies to speed industrial development and expand grain harvests to feed China's 1.25 billion people. ''The country's environmental pollution still remains rather serious and ecological deterioration has not yet been brought under control,'' Premier Zhu Rongji said in a rare television address Sunday. Zhu, whose address also was printed in newspapers today, said sandstorms that choked Beijing and other northern cities this year were ''an alarm for the entire nation.'' He promised more money for environmental technology and water and soil conservation. China spent more than $10 billion on pollution control last year, about 1 percent of its $990 billion economy, the environmental protection agency said. Some future spending would go toward reversing degradation in the west, a region of fragile deserts and grasslands where many of China's poor live. The communist government has made raising incomes there a priority for the five-year economic plan that begins in 2001. It plans to pay farmers to plant trees instead of growing crops and end farming and overgrazing on grasslands. ''If we don't pay attention to environmental protection in developing the west, then it's quite possible we'll see the phenomenon of 'first pollute, then clean up, first destroy, then recover,''' Xie said. ''We want to avoid repeating the same mistakes made in the east.'' Those mistakes included a lack of sewage treatment plants and well-built garbage dumps, helping to create ''relatively serious pollution'' along the eastern coast, especially the East China Sea, the agency said. Among other findings, its report said the Songhe River and tributaries of the Huai, in two grain-growing regions, had dangerous levels of pollution and acid rain still fell on 30 percent of China despite a clean-up of smokestack industries. The report was not all bad news: 81 percent of China's 234,218 polluting industries are meeting environmental standards, Dianchi and Chao lakes are being cleaned up, unleaded gas is used exclusively in eight provinces and major cities and 31,200 coal mines were closed down.

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  • Carte de Chine

    Tibet - News

    Dharamsala, 6th january 00

    Fuite du 17ème Karmapa, DharamsalaLe 28 décembre 1999, dans la vallée de Tsurphu, à une soixantaine de kilomètres de Lhassa. Le jeune Ugyen Thinley Dorje fuit au petit matin en passant par la fenêtre d'un des temples du monastère. Alors que les autres moines dorment toujours, il rejoint une jeep oû l'attendent sa soeur et quatres fidèles.
    Après plusieurs jours ces gardiens le croiront toujours en retraite du reste du monde dans sa chambre comme il en avait formulé le désir auprès de ses gardiens. Mais lui et ses compagnons entreprennent un voyage de près de 1400 kilomètres et espèrent rejoindre leur chef spirituel à Dharamsala. Ils roulent donc vers le sud, contournent Lhassa, puis longent la chaîne himalayenne en jeep qu'ils abandonnent à la tombée de la nuit pour poursuivre à pied aidé par un clair de lune, il aborde la barrière rocheuse et travers au au milieu des huits milles mètres au nord du Mustang, après avoir marché pendant cinq nuits marchant dès l'obscurité venue et dormant dans des grottes ou à l'aplomb de rochers durant le jour pendant que des millions de personnes fêtaient l'an 2000. La température dans ces régions avoisinent les -20°C la nuit. Enfin , la petite troupe atteint les rizières du Népal et rejoint la frontière indienne puis la ville de Gorakpur dans l'Uttar Pradesh, où la frontière est très poreuse. En taxi ils rejoignent Lucknow 250 kilomètres plus à l'ouest où ils prennent le train pour Delhi. Une voiture les conduira à Dharamsala le 5 janvier au matin.

    Times of India - 6th january 00

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    Sri-Lanka - News

    Colombo, 24th luly 01

    Attaque-suicide à l'aéroport international de Colombo Des rebelles séparatistes tamouls ont lancé mardi une attaque-suicide dévastatrice contre le seul aéroport international du Sri Lanka et une base aérienne attenante, au nord de Colombo, qui a fait au moins 20 morts et détruit 13 avions. L'aéroport a été immédiatement fermé, alors que des centaines de passagers et d'employés des compagnies aériennes fuyaient les échanges de tirs entre un commando des Tigres de libération de l'Eelam tamoul (LTTE) et les services de sécurité. Tous les vols à destination de Colombo ont été détournés vers l'Inde ou sur Dubaï. Cette attaque spectaculaire, qui a eu lieu avant l'aube, a fait 20 morts, 13 rebelles tamouls et sept membres des force de sécurité de la base et de l'aéroport, selon un porte-parole du ministère de la Défense, Sanath Karunaratne. L'attaque a aussi fait 12 blessés, dont quatre civils, parmi eux un technicien russe employé de SriLankan Airlines. Les corps de 13 assaillants ont été retrouvés, certains tués par balles et d'autres par l'explosion de charges qu'ils portaient sur eux, a-t-il précisé. Le commando a d'abord fait irruption sur la base aérienne militaire de Katunayake, à 35 km au nord de Colombo, détruisant huit appareils, dont deux Kfir israéliens et un Mig-27. Les guérilleros se sont ensuite rendus sur l'aéroport international Bandaranaike, attenant à cette base, où ils ont attaqué cinq Airbus vides de la compagnie SriLankan Airlines. Trois des Airbus ont été entièrement détruits, les deux autres ont été endommagés. Le ministère de la Défense a annoncé que les forces aériennes du Sri Lanka avaient mené dans la journée des raids de représailles contre des positions des LTTE dans le nord du pays. Il n'a pas fourni de précisions sur ces raids. La présidente du Sri Lanka, Chandrika Kumaratunga, a convoqué une réunion d'urgence de son cabinet et a ordonné une enquête complète sur les failles des dispositifs de sécurité qui ont rendu possible l'attaque des LTTE. Selon des sources militaires, le commando a pu faire entrer sur l'aéroport international un énorme arsenal, dont trois mitrailleuses lourdes, un lance-grenades de calibre 40 mm, neuf fusils d'assaut, six lance-roquettes antichar et huit charges explosives. Quelque 4.000 touristes étrangers étaient bloqués mardi au Sri Lanka par la fermeture du seul aéroport international de l'île, qui ne devait rouvrir que mercredi matin. Un journaliste des Maldives accompagné de son épouse, en transit à Bandaranaike, a raconté avoir rampé sur près d'un kilomètre pour échapper aux tirs des rebelles. "C'est un miracle que nous soyons en vie", a déclaré ce journaliste. "Nous avons été réveillés en sursaut par le bruit des détonations", a-t-il raconté, ajoutant que son épouse et lui avaient pris la fuite en abandonnant leurs bagages. Des riverains ont déclaré avoir entendu des détonations et des explosions pendant au moins cinq heures et aperçu de hautes flammes au-dessus d'un dépôt de carburants. L'attaque des LTTE a eu lieu le jour anniversaire d'émeutes anti-tamouls qui avaient fait en 1983 entre 400 et 600 morts à Colombo et dans la périphérie. Ces émeutes avaient marqué un tournant dans la lutte des Tigres, entamée il y a près de trois décennies et qui a déjà fait plus de 60.000 morts. Les séparatistes tamouls se battent pour obtenir l'indépendance du nord du Sri Lanka où est concentrée la minorité tamoule.

    AFP - Colombo - 23rd july 01

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    Un quart de l'humanité vit dans la misère

    Le dernier rapport du bureau international du travail indique dans son dernier rapport le chiffre d'un milliard et demi d'hommes et de femmes vivent avec moins d'un dollars par jour. Le rapport mentionne également l'augmentation constante des pauvres, ainsi concernant l'asie centrale et du sud-est, l'afrique sub-saharienne, et dans les pays en voix de développement en europe orientale en cinq ans leur nombre c'est accrus de 200 millions.

    Article du Dauphiné libéré du 22 juin 00

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